Inside Oh, Angela

So, you've come to find out some more about yours truly. Well, you're in for a treat. You would have gotten a little insight into me as you went to the about page, but here is where you will meet the person behind the scenes. Ready to get stuck in? Well, let's get cracking then.

1. I had pet rats when I was younger, 8 at one point, mice too.

2. I HATE spiders and refuse to sleep in the same room as one.

3. I absolutely laugh at my own jokes!

4. I have a very passionate relationship with cheese.

5. I left home at 16.

6. Although I know about most social media platforms, I only really like Facebook and Insta.

7. I have sent several voice notes to friends, whilst on the toilet.

8. I'm a pretty stereotypical Sagittarius, with added perks.

9. I once got excluded from school for a rather unfortunate pubic hair prank (no real pubic hairs were used) on a teacher.

10. I have two children and have been a Mum since 2016 (they're hilarious).

11. Pineapple definitely belongs on pizza.

12. I love a good innuendo!

If you'd still like to work with me, knowing the sins I have committed (which I do not regret) come and say hi.

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